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Monday Online Homeware & Electrical Sale

At Simon Charles Auctioneers we pride ourselves on the diversity of the sales and stock that we have to offer, every week we bring over 7000 lots of branded merchandise to our customers, all selling at well below recommended retail prices.

How to Beat the High Street – The Secret to Auction Success

There is no denying it, we live in frugal times. The everyday cost of living has risen with inflation yet the average wage has not risen proportionately. The rising cost of products and services has left consumer?s bargain hunt mad. Traditional high street stores have been left cavernous warehouses with a workforce of Amazonian proportions.

The Enduring Appeal Of The Auction

The humble sale of goods and services by auction has been in existence for centuries, possibly even dating back as far as 500BC with the ancient Greeks. The basic principles of sale by auction have not changed vastly since its inception, yet this traditional form of commerce still exists and due to the advent of online auctions is now bigger and more popular than ever.