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A star in the making.

Channel 5 29th of March a new star was born, right here at Simon Charles.

White good wonders: top 3 stand out products

Our auctions feature a fantastic selection of branded white goods including Bosch, Swan, Hoover, Cooke and Lewis, Beko, Cata and many more. These items are top-end, with RRPs of up to £800, but can be purchased at bargain prices at our main events.

4 luxury items to watch out for at auction

Why pay full price for luxury items when you can snap up incredible deals at auction? It's a no-brainer. We hold one luxury auction a month, packed full of exciting items including Omega watches, Mulberry handbags, designer jewellery and DSLR cameras; you never know what you might find. So we round-up the best high-value luxury items to purchase at auction.